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Adam Clark

Deloitte is full of some of the brightest minds, each with different skill sets which when combined creates a diverse and powerful team.

Hi Adam, tell us about your role at Deloitte and what it involves?

My role at Deloitte is a data and artificial intelligence analyst which involves solving complex client problems relating to data.

Recently I have worked across numerous data visualisation tools that can present data driven insights that can shape client’s future decision-making through dashboards. Dashboards are a set of visuals that when combined can tell a clear and powerful story which is difficult when looking purely at data.

I have also been fortunate to strengthen my presentation skills, both slide design and verbal presentation skills which are crucial to success in consulting. The next skill I wish to add to tell an even more powerful story is applying Natural Language Processing to dashboards which can provide context to by presenting automated commentary on metrics through applying machine learning. 

What work have you been most excited about since starting with us?

There have been so many exciting moments in the one year I have worked at Deloitte.

My most exciting experience has been using Power Apps and Power BI which can not only rewrite to a source but also update dashboard visuals in real time. Our team integrated power apps to not only rewrite back to Power BI but also the original source.

Prior to using Power Apps, I had heard about the potential of the software and was extremely fortunate to understand how Power Apps can add to the value a dashboard offers. 

How has the graduate program supported you in launching your career?

The graduate program at Deloitte has assisted me in numerous ways in launching my career.

Deloitte is an amazing and unique organisation in the sense that the firm provides opportunities to work across a diverse array of industries that other firms cannot offer. In the one year, I have worked at Deloitte, I have already been able to learn and strengthen technical and soft skills, make an impact across multiple projects, and have developed client relationships across numerous industries.

The power of connections is the other key value Deloitte has provided me with. Deloitte is full of some of the brightest minds, each with different skill sets which when combined creates a diverse and powerful team. You never know where life will take you, but having a strong network is likely to come in handy throughout your career. I feel extremely honoured to work at an incredible company like Deloitte and strongly recommend the graduate program!

What does a typical day at Deloitte look like?

A typical day starts with developing a daily task list, listing all tasks that need to be completed and prioritising them in terms of importance.

The more important tasks I complete in the morning as I find myself to be most productive during this time.

I will then check and answer any emails and timebox my tasks for the day in my calendar, colour coding to distinguish between internal and client meetings and estimating how long a task will take to complete.

The rest of the day I will complete tasks and attend meetings.

Usually, I am in the Deloitte office as I prefer human interaction and networking with new people. To track progress, I will tick off my list and before I head home, will plan my next day which helps to build momentum.