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Adam Wong

Since working at Deloitte, I’ve really sensed how much the business values its people.

Adam Wong completed a dual Bachelor of Commerce and Business Management at the University of Queensland and is now a graduate in Deloitte Private Tax & Advisory team.

Adam Wong

8.20 AM

Arriving at the office, I try to find myself a seat overlooking the Brisbane River. This is probably my favourite seat in the Brisbane office (the benefits of hot-desking!)

Adam Wong 2

8.25 AM

The kitchen is usually replenished with fresh fruit and breakfast items, so I usually help myself to some and make myself a hearty breakfast!

Adam Wong 3

8.35 AM

Back to my desk to catch up on some emails over my freshly made breakfast.

Adam Wong 4

9.00 AM

After about half an hour of emails and planning out the rest of my day, I get started on my work at 9:00 am. Here’s a super candid photo of the team from where I’m sitting today!

Adam Wong 5

9.30 AM

Every Monday at 9:30 am, I catch-up with my coach to talk through my workflow for the week. Since working at Deloitte, I’ve really sensed how much the business values its people. With such structured mentoring and support, I never felt like I was on my own and it made my transition from graduating Uni to joining such a big firm so much easier and less daunting!

10.30 AM

Halfway to lunchtime – time for a short coffee break! Heading to the kitchen, I make myself a coffee with our “Franke” coffee machine (yes, we named our coffee machines) and grab some more fruit.

Adam Wong 6

12.00 PM

After a productive hour and a bit, I’ve smashed out some more of my work and start to gather the troops for a team lunch.

Adam Wong 7

1.00 PM

Adam Wong 8

Back from lunch and trying to fight the food coma, I’ve got a couple of meetings, training workshops and catch-ups scheduled for the rest of the day. 

Adam Wong 9

4.30 PM

It’s almost the end of the day – where did time go!
I start to submit my timesheet and plan out my workflow for tomorrow. The day usually ends with some casual banter with the team before everyone heads home for more fun tomorrow! 

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