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Aaron Nachum

6.00 AM

I am up at 6 to head to the gym before work. Like many others, I like to have completed something before I head to work – that way I can kick-start the day and have more time in the evening to relax!

8.00 AM

On any typical day, I could be working from one of KPMG’s three hubs, which are: the office, the client or working from home. I live very close to the Adelaide office, so I generally will hop on my bike and ride in. On this particular day, I was driving directly to the client’s office.

8.20 AM

I arrive at the client site earlier than the meeting time (8:45) as I anticipated I would get lost finding their office… That and I also wanted to review my to do list and some notes prior to the meeting.

8.45 AM

The client I am working on is a hospital in SA. We are conducting a review over how the hospital maintains its various assets. As part of the client engagement, Risk Consulting will conduct stakeholder (client) meetings. This particular meeting was for us to interview management on various topics, and also have a tour of the facilities. At KPMG, you are always given the opportunity to participate in meetings, even as a grad. You aren’t just a courtroom stenographer taking meeting minutes! In this case, I was given the opportunity to run the stakeholder interviews, which is always fun.

11.00 AM

The meeting ran for a little bit longer than expected, however we received a lot of great information for our report.

We then embarked on a tour of the facilities which, for lack of a better word, was really cool. There are a number of behind the scenes assets that may not seem important at face value (or when looking at an asset register!), however when you see and learn about them in person, their criticality becomes apparent. Heading out to the client site and having a look around is always a great way to put things into perspective and get a better understanding of operations. You also get to access places a lot of people don’t!

12.00 PM

Now that the facilities tour is over, it’s time to head back to the office for lunch with some of my teammates and other grads. I actually decided to drive home and ride my bike into the office, so I don’t have to park in the city.

12.30 PM

Everyone heads up to the kitchen/lunch area to eat together and talk about our days. I fight the temptation to buy a zinger box and heat up my chicken, rice and veg.

1.30 PM

Now that lunch is over, it’s time to review my inbox. Since I was in meetings for the first half of the day, I have a few emails to get through. I respond to the urgent emails and add any new tasks to my to-do list.

2.00 PM

I then step into an internal team meeting for us to debrief on the stakeholder interview and discuss some of the information. Risk Consulting is a national team, meaning we get the opportunity to work with team members from different states. In this case, we have a few of our Melbourne colleagues dialling into the meeting. We spend the first few minutes chatting about the cool facilities before diving into the guts of the interview.

3.00 PM

Now that my meetings are done, it’s time to dive into some work. The end deliverable for this client is a report, so I am busy reviewing my notes and conducting some data analysis. There are some great graphic design tips and templates on the KPMG intranet, so I am also putting on my artistic hat and making this report look 10/10.

5.30 PM

Before I know it, its 5:30. Sometimes you get stuck into work, blink, and it’s the end of the day. I go though my emails and make sure there is nothing urgent. I like to use my inbox as a to-do list, and when something is done file it into the correct folder. I spend some time tidying my outlook and making sure I’m ready for tomorrow.

5.45 PM

I head down to the basement carpark and jump on my bike.

6.00 PM

Time for dinner. I generally meal prep on Sundays so I can just heat up my food and, again, have more time to relax (noting a pattern here?).

6.30 PM

Watch a bit of Netflix and get sucked into Instagram Reels.

7.30 PM

Boot up the PC to play some Valorant.

10.00 PM

Pack my work bag, get my gym clothes ready for the next day and into bed to watch YouTube. Alarm set for 6am tomorrow.