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International Working Holidays

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Q&A with the Broadmoor

12 Month Secret USA J1 Visa Info Session with the Broadmoor!

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Wed 11 Oct 2023, 12:30pm
Wed 11 Oct 2023, 1:30pm
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Attend our Free Online Info Session from home and find out all about the Secret J1 Visa and Job Opportunities at the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs!

  • See if you meet the criteria for the Secret J1 Working Holiday Graduate Visa
  • Find out how you can work in USA for up to 12 months
  • Hear all about the Broadmoor
  • Find out about the jobs available, pay rates, perks
  • Find out how we can make it all happen for you so you can just apply, get hired then pack
  • Book Now and add to your calendar and we will see you there!