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Capgemini Australia

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Riley Devereaux

7.20 AM

Wake up. 7:20’s only my first alarm, intervals are set-up in 10-minute cycles, so I’ll have at least 10 minutes in nirvana rest mode.

Capgemini Australia Graduate  Riley Devereaux Food bank food drive

7.50 AM

Cycle. Packed, ready to go, the beauty of my client site is their tenancy agreement, as contractors we’ve got access to Showers, Bike racks and even Towels. Personally, a fresh towel makes me feel like a Persian prince. It’s a 6km cycle in, so nothing to hard, it’s easier in Summer but comes winter I’ll invest in gloves.

Capgemini Australia Graduate  Riley Devereaux bike

8.30 AM

Shower and Prepare. Right, you can see the towels, clean or dirty. Personally, I use clean, but each to their own.

Capgemini Australia Graduate  Riley Devereaux clean towel

9.30 AM

Daily Stand-up. Our team is co-located across 4 states of Australia, with the primary team embedded on client site in Adelaide. Akin to all stand ups – share with the team what I did yesterday, what I’m doing today and any foreseeing blockers. In practice:

  • Yesterday I had our Sprint Review, Sprint Planning and worked developed code for a technical piece.
  • Today I’ll be developing a stakeholder plan, working with the team for review
  • No foreseeable blockers

day-in-the-life-capgemini-australia- riley devereaux-officemates

12.32 PM

Okonomiyaki Thursday. What’s set-out to be a fine tradition. The best, young and brightest consultants are forging a tradition to have Okonomiyaki at out ‘local’ Japanese infused Café. Needless, to say it’s brilliant, Joe (generic chef name) never ceases to disappoint.

Capgemini Australia Graduate  Riley Devereaux Okonomiyaki

3.00 PM

Skype Call with the Project Manager. Reviewal of Stakeholder management plan, what I’ve done as far is on track. The PM’s request me to iterate the document to include best practice for specific circumstances in the expectation of a growing resourced project. Currently I’ve been building the plan on PowerPoint, time to update the creativity, and perhaps reach out to some higher-level change managers for advice in Change Management consulting.  

5.30 PM

Home time / Cycle. Great way to end the day, it’s sunny out: we’ll push on a harder gear!

9.30 PM

Live music. Adelaide’s well renowned for the annual Fringe Festival and tonight I’ll be making use of the great art available. Theirs a Rock band from Melbourne whose been cherry picked on the Coachella 2020 line-up. Tonight, I’m lucky enough to see them before their heads get to big.

Capgemini Australia Graduate  Riley Devereaux party

12.00 AM

Fall asleep. Lights out. Daily Stand-ups starts in just over 9 hours, I’m ready to do it all again.