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The GradWISE Story

GradWISE is the leading disability employment program for students/graduates living with a disability or health condition. Drawing from it's 25yrs of industry connection GradWISE can help you competitively apply for and reach your dream career. Using a neuroscience approach we can help you arrive and thrive in your workplace as your best self.

The recruitment process

This is how your first six months at GradWISE would look:

  1. Initial meeting: Introduction to the GradWISE program and meeting your GradWISE career consultant.
  2. Employability audit: Creating an individually tailored plan to allow you to map your dream in reverse. Within this audit, your career consultant will help you create a competitive CV and start to map your road to success.
  3. GradWISE masterclass: Monthly GradWISE masterclasses introduce you to industry experts, the graduate application process, interview techniques and a range of different topics to help you on your employment journey.
  4. GradWISE live: Creating a safe space and community to build social safety where you can share collective experiences and feel supported.
  5. Peer support: Connecting you with former GradWISE members who have completed the program and have been in employment for 6-12+ months.
  6. Neurozone coaching: Brain and body optimisation coaching working on the 10 foundational drivers to help you thrive within every aspect of life.
  7. Mentorship: Linking you with a mentor within your desired field to help navigate the workplace.
  8. Internship: Linking you into supported workplace environments to ensure you have the skillset, confidence and knowledge to be able to thrive within the work environment.
  9. Shadow day: Introducing you to supportive employers to obtain different workplace experiences and build your CV and knowledge of different industries.
  10. Graduate application: Graduate applications are open every six months – by this stage you will have the confidence, experience and exposure to industry to be able to excel in the application process.

Remuneration & Career prospects

You can expect a competitive graduate salary. Students/Graduates are matched with the right company that aligns with their qualifications and support for the first 52 weeks within employment. We work closely with you and your management team to ensure that you thrive and navigate workplace adjustments so you are able to showcase the best version of yourself – from here the sky is the limit.

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