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REA Group

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Parents & Carers at REA Group

Combining life and work can be hard, which is why we focus on creating balance in the workplace, while still enabling you to reach your career goals.

Supporting parents and families

In Australia, our parental leave offer gives our people time to spend with new additions to their family:

  • Twenty weeks leave at full pay for the primary carer (inclusive of annual leave accrued during this time) and six weeks paid as a lump sum on return to work
  • Six weeks of paid leave for the secondary carer
  • Superannuation paid for the entire period of leave (paid and unpaid) up to 12 months
  • Flexible return to work for four weeks at 75% of agreed work hours, but at full pay.
  • REA Group partnered with Circle In to ensure all of their people have great caregiving experiences. Circle In allows us to give our people and leaders the tools and resources for the moments that matter in their parental or caregiving journeys.

Supporting employees that are carers during COVID  

As for many other organisations, flexibility and work-life balance became increasingly important to our people during these periods.  

For those with caring responsibilities, we continued to increase our support.  We know that flexibility is fundamental to an inclusive work environment. In order to ensure our people had the support they needed to spend time on the things that would help them be their best at work, we again altered our personal leave policy during these periods and encouraged employees to use it as they needed for a wide variety of reasons like homeschooling, care, mental health breaks, grocery shopping, etc. When it comes to understanding the impacts of this, in our October 2021 engagement survey, 87% of employees globally agreed with the statement ‘REA Group enables me to balance work and personal life. 

Careers that go places

Your career development is important to us, which is why we have a learning and development program that stretches beyond traditional training programs – don’t worry, we still offer opportunities to attend conferences and courses also. We recognise that all our people have different motivations and aspirations, so we look to provide a pathway for your individual career that is upwards, sideways or overseas.