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Hydro Tasmania

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Can you walk me through the grad application process at Hydro Tasmania?

Hydro Tasmania

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Justin [00:00:03] Can you give me a bit of a high level walk through the actual application process to the grad programme at Hydro Tasmania? 

Dani [00:00:10] Yes. So it was actually quite long. The first step, obviously, is submission of a resume, a cover letter, academic transcript. After that, there was one of those online interviews where the question just flashes up on the screen and you've got to answer it. Then after that, there was a group assessment which was, I think, the sort of the top 12 or top 14 for the role, and that was also done online. And then after that, it was a one-on-one interview with yeah, two people from Hydro and after that, I was offered the job.